Finding the best Costa Rica accommodation is easy. Good Costa Rica hotels are numerous. As a matter of fact it is hard to find a hotel that is not considered good! Costa Rica and all of its natural beauty is one of the most beautifully breathtaking places on earth and the best resorts and hotels in Costa Rica surely enhance this beauty.

Best Costa Rica Rainforest Hotel - ChachaguaWhether you are looking for a trip that is all inclusive or something that can take you across the country in a few days Costa Rica has the accommodations to make it happen. The best Costa Rica resorts offer flexible options that can fit any budget and any plans.

Costa Rica has really picked up steam as a tourist destination but it still has not reached the stage of being an overcrowded touristy type country. The time to visit is now before the word gets out and getting into one of the best Costa Rica resorts is impossible!

Types of Costa Rica Accommodation

Best Costa Rica Hotels - El MangrooveCosta Rica is one of those few places in the world that offers several different climates and ecosystems. You can stay at the ocean side or in the midst of the rainforest. There are plenty of options that are good options that well suits many different desires that result in the ideal vacation memory. Try something new! The eco-friendly hotels are a great way to have the adventure you always dreamed of.

Eco-Friendly Best Costa Rica Hotels

Costa Rica Eco-Friendly Lodges and HotelsIf you are into conservation and love the idea of staying in the heart of the rainforest there are several best Costa Rica hotels that will offer you the experience of a lifetime. Wake up every morning to the sounds of the jungle. The Corcovado Tent Camp is a ten minute boat ride from the nearest form of real civilization. The amenities include a full or twin sized bed a canvas tent a deck that looks out over the Pacific Ocean and three square meals a day. The bathrooms are shared and do offer hot water. Walks through the jungle reveal a bevvy of unique wildlife. You can also take advantage of all that the Pacific Ocean has to offer like fishing day trips, snorkeling and other water sports.

You can choose from 3-4 night packages that are all inclusive. There are hammocks through out the property to encourage lounging and relaxing after a tour filled day!